The Ravonettes

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Music Monday...err THURSDAY.

It’s Thursday…I know! I suck! Sorry. Sarah is my hero. I love her music, her humanitarian nature and her love of dogs. I HATE however how she only releases like 4 new songs to an album. BUT, adore how all of my favorites are on each album. And, it is not like I can stop buying every track she produces. She was with me when I was in the midst of teen angst, with me for my first break up, helped me get in on for the first time and thru every death I have experienced. We’re pals. We hang together whenever I go thru a rough patch in my life. Which lately seems to be all the time. Im ready to mow the damn patch already. Lets get life rollin!!! But, Sarah says be strong…and Im listening. Hope you will too!


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