The Ravonettes

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some of my favorite shots...

I went on a trip a couple of months ago up to San Francisco to visit my Dad and Aunt. These are some of the places that we ventured off too. A large part of my heart was found as we drove on and stopped at some of the places I have always wanted to see.

The view of the clock tower while driving on bay bridge. Magistic in technology...

My first time laying eyes on the Golden Gate Bridge. There was a tour going on as we walked around, I could not believe the history behind it. Amazing...

In Half Moon Bay there is a place called "Mavericks" some of the most dangerous surf on the west coast. Working in the surf industry I have heard many legends of deaths and crucial surf. When i saw these rocks, I am brought back to the heart of surfing...

On the path to "Mavericks" there is a nature reserve. On this old run down pier perched this run down restaraunt. I wish this picture captured everything around there. There were pelicans in the sky, swooping down in the bay to catch its dinner. The restaurant was closed, so where else would they eat?

Lastly, every day should end with a beautiful suset like this...

or this...G'night!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Economy Schmuckonomy...

There is something to be said about a leader who can ignite a flame a passion under a whole company.
We just finished up with a town hall meeting here at work, and when the CEO gets up there and spills his heart and beliefs, it moves me.
I'm pretty sure it moved all of us. Now, I work for a large company and every Quarter we cram into our main building and we hear how the company is doing, the ups and the downs. Always honest, always well spoken and I always leave there full and proud that I work for such an amazing company.

We laid off 150 + employees yesterday. The air around here was thick with tension. Unemployment was the big bad wolf and everyone was looking over their shoulders afraid that we hadn’t quite made it to Grandmother’s house. We were being attacked and swallowed hole. Luckily I made it through the cuts, and after today’s meetings I am confident in my position of employment, knowing that we will not be making any more cuts for the 2009 fiscal year. But, and it is a very saddening but…those who did not make it…to watch them carry boxes out to cars, to see the tears fall and the hugs of goodbye being exchanged. It was disheartening. Even though I had made it through the cuts, the desolation in the air clogged your throat, tightened your chest and just made you plain want to bawl.

Did anyone hear of the man who got laid off and went home and killed his 5 kids with his wife, then killed one another? I read about it this morning and I was disgusted and shocked. It sickened me to think that they killed their children and one another…thinking that they had no other option. Seriously? WHO DOES THAT?! Yes, times are tough. Yes, we are in a depression and it feels like it is never going to end, but to kill your children? To not only end your own life, but end the life of children, who’s life had not yet begun? I can not even write how this makes me feel. At least, not without seven million expletives and a video of me freaking out on the ground. Which I'm sure would be entertaining, but I’m sure would not even cover the emotions coursing through me right now. I have been STEWING all day.

Anyways, to all of the people out there right now who have suffered company cut backs and lay offs, my thoughts, prayers and faith go out to all of you. Keep your chin up, your faith high and remember…WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! Anything could happen right now.


Heavy shit yo...

Yesterday was lay off day here at work. I will post more when I get the chance on how SCARY it was, but in the mean time...I STILL HAVE A JOB! Im praising anything that slightly resembles God at the moment and loudly shouting to the heavens, "THANK YOU!!"

Stay tuned...more to come.


Monday, January 26, 2009

The SOLE reason I want to adopt a french kid...

Please with this story? Those eyes? The amazing accent! I just died from cuteness. You MUST watch the whole thing because it gets better as it goes. And, I mean...who can actually resist a story about the girafe and winnie the pooh? Im just saying...


Friday, January 23, 2009

The Titanic...

Ever feel like your life is the Titanic? Today, I do. I am that big, beautiful new ship. Embarking on life. I AM only 26, so this is like my first voyage, embarking out on the big blue for my first time. All of my friends and family have come to see me off. Some actually boarding to sail on with me. What I and those all around me do not know is, we are all about to hit a huge iceberg and we are all going to sink. Taking everyone I love and care about with me. The iceberg is slowly chipping away at my exterior and those small leaks that it is creating is filling with water.

Now don't think that this is some suicide attempt. I in no way believe that endings one life is the way to go. But, life is hard. And, I am finding that out. If you do not get it right when you first start off, it is a long process of fixing your mistakes. Not just with people, but with bills,debt, religion and jobs. I also am finding out that if you do not have a strong and solid foundation when growing up, a role model of sorts to help guide your way and explain how things work...the path alone is much harder.

My Husband lost his job five months ago. The struggle is immense, as I am sure it is for so many people right now in this economic decline. While I still have my job, the responsibilities that we used to share, have all seemed to fall hard on my shoulders. Constantly I war with what I should do, what needs to be done, and what my somewhat traditional mind set THINKS should be happening. As time goes by and we seem to struggle with money, the stress of it weighs on the both of us and not only does it seem like our life is slowly turning to shit, our relationship seems to suffer even more.

I try to be all about the, "as long as we have one another, we can be happy." But, the truth of what he constantly says to me is dragging me down even further. Life DOES indeed revolve around money, and if you do not have, I am not talking about being a millionaire, I mean the means to just get by. Maybe, a little more than get by. Then relationships suffer. Our relationship is a prime example. Pride keeps me from giving up. Faith keeps me from giving up, but MAN, do you ever feel like throwing your hands up and saying, "GOD, I give up."

I'm know things will work out. I know that we will endure this and become a stronger entity in the end because of all of our struggles. But, for right now...I feel like the Titanic. Slowly sinking into the big blue, and it is only a matter of time before I take all of those amazing people and myself down to wash away in the moon lit tide.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Post...A Disclaimer if you will...

Hello People that are not reading this. That sounds funny, even to my own ears. I am not sure I am going to keep this up. I'm not even sure that I am even going to post this at this point in time. But, SHOULD I actually post this, I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Kindle. I live in Lake Forest, CA with my Husband whom I married 8/8/08. No, I am not Chinese. No, I do not think that the number 8 is "special" in any way, shape or form. I married him on that date giving him the easiest anniversary date to remember. Yup, I married him on that date so he would never have on excuse on earth to forget our anniversary. Good luck buddy! I actually have many bets on him forgetting our first one. ha!

I have an awesome job that I love and am actually not going to post on here, because if I learned anything about blogging...I learned that you do not post things about your work. (Thanks!) But, I do love it and I will say that I work in the Action Sports Industry.

I am 26 years old as of this past Monday (yay happy birthday me). I like long walks on the beach, sappy romantic movies and S&M. Can you guess which one of those statements is false? God, I hope you were going with the S&M...although, I have nothing against people who actually LIKE S&M. The whole thing intrigues me...jusssst not so sure I have the stomach for it.

I am a horrible speller, yet can speak extremely eloquently. Abhor correct punctuation, so do not expect it here. Can ramble on about any subject. Like to stay up late. Smoke cigarettes and gobble down bottles of vodka...Kettle One within 5 miles, BEWARE! Jusssst kidding. I'm extremely sarcastic, have a dream of being funny and doing stand up comedy *Que crickets* and love reality TV. Oh yes...I forgot that I love to read. It really is the books within the 5 mile radius that should be running as fast as they can on flimsy dog eared page legs!

I'm not sure exactly what the basis of this blog is going to be or that it will be entertaining at all. But, it will be about life and how a person of complexity, like So, cheers! Here is to blogging and maybe people thinking that I am someone interesting :)