The Ravonettes

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Post...A Disclaimer if you will...

Hello People that are not reading this. That sounds funny, even to my own ears. I am not sure I am going to keep this up. I'm not even sure that I am even going to post this at this point in time. But, SHOULD I actually post this, I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Kindle. I live in Lake Forest, CA with my Husband whom I married 8/8/08. No, I am not Chinese. No, I do not think that the number 8 is "special" in any way, shape or form. I married him on that date giving him the easiest anniversary date to remember. Yup, I married him on that date so he would never have on excuse on earth to forget our anniversary. Good luck buddy! I actually have many bets on him forgetting our first one. ha!

I have an awesome job that I love and am actually not going to post on here, because if I learned anything about blogging...I learned that you do not post things about your work. (Thanks!) But, I do love it and I will say that I work in the Action Sports Industry.

I am 26 years old as of this past Monday (yay happy birthday me). I like long walks on the beach, sappy romantic movies and S&M. Can you guess which one of those statements is false? God, I hope you were going with the S&M...although, I have nothing against people who actually LIKE S&M. The whole thing intrigues me...jusssst not so sure I have the stomach for it.

I am a horrible speller, yet can speak extremely eloquently. Abhor correct punctuation, so do not expect it here. Can ramble on about any subject. Like to stay up late. Smoke cigarettes and gobble down bottles of vodka...Kettle One within 5 miles, BEWARE! Jusssst kidding. I'm extremely sarcastic, have a dream of being funny and doing stand up comedy *Que crickets* and love reality TV. Oh yes...I forgot that I love to read. It really is the books within the 5 mile radius that should be running as fast as they can on flimsy dog eared page legs!

I'm not sure exactly what the basis of this blog is going to be or that it will be entertaining at all. But, it will be about life and how a person of complexity, like So, cheers! Here is to blogging and maybe people thinking that I am someone interesting :)



  1. Kindle- I forgot just how much we have in common. I look forward to all the musings you've yet to write; all the opinions you've yet to give; and all the joy I'll get from reading them. I'm so excited for you!

  2. you should keep it up! Very interesting, keep them coming.