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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Economy Schmuckonomy...

There is something to be said about a leader who can ignite a flame a passion under a whole company.
We just finished up with a town hall meeting here at work, and when the CEO gets up there and spills his heart and beliefs, it moves me.
I'm pretty sure it moved all of us. Now, I work for a large company and every Quarter we cram into our main building and we hear how the company is doing, the ups and the downs. Always honest, always well spoken and I always leave there full and proud that I work for such an amazing company.

We laid off 150 + employees yesterday. The air around here was thick with tension. Unemployment was the big bad wolf and everyone was looking over their shoulders afraid that we hadn’t quite made it to Grandmother’s house. We were being attacked and swallowed hole. Luckily I made it through the cuts, and after today’s meetings I am confident in my position of employment, knowing that we will not be making any more cuts for the 2009 fiscal year. But, and it is a very saddening but…those who did not make it…to watch them carry boxes out to cars, to see the tears fall and the hugs of goodbye being exchanged. It was disheartening. Even though I had made it through the cuts, the desolation in the air clogged your throat, tightened your chest and just made you plain want to bawl.

Did anyone hear of the man who got laid off and went home and killed his 5 kids with his wife, then killed one another? I read about it this morning and I was disgusted and shocked. It sickened me to think that they killed their children and one another…thinking that they had no other option. Seriously? WHO DOES THAT?! Yes, times are tough. Yes, we are in a depression and it feels like it is never going to end, but to kill your children? To not only end your own life, but end the life of children, who’s life had not yet begun? I can not even write how this makes me feel. At least, not without seven million expletives and a video of me freaking out on the ground. Which I'm sure would be entertaining, but I’m sure would not even cover the emotions coursing through me right now. I have been STEWING all day.

Anyways, to all of the people out there right now who have suffered company cut backs and lay offs, my thoughts, prayers and faith go out to all of you. Keep your chin up, your faith high and remember…WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! Anything could happen right now.


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  1. I hope so!!! I have a bunch of friends that have lost their jobs and my hours have recently been cut.