The Ravonettes

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Shit Hath Hitteth The fan...eth.

Tomorrow I am declaring “Lumpy day”. Dr’s appointment is in the morning, so I am working a half day. I did some research this week while waiting to go get my Kindle-ayas smashed into pancakes. I really am dreading a mammogram. Nothing on your body should be taken and made into a flat surface. How come guys don’t get their balls smashed into tiny cylinders to check for abnormalities? I’m just sayin’! But, the research I have done shows that only one form of breast cancel is painful. And, since I have nearly killed the population at work from the pain shooting from my nipples, I am going with it is just a cyst!
Twice I have almost cancelled my appointment. Not gonna lie, I will most likely burst into tears when they as me to remove my shirt and holster my bad boys into this contraption and not just smash it ONE way, but TWO! Can I scar after this? I hate doctors and hospitals…pretty sure more than the average human. Dr. says they are going to need to give me a shot or take blood and BAM! Insta-tears! I really am a baby.
This past weekend nearly put me over the edge. I’m just going to build a house on the cliff, so when I finally fall off the cliff of insanity, I only have to open the front door and fall to my doom. BFF’s Mom decided to attempt suicide. Apparently telling someone that they have an overdose with their name on it, while may be truth…isn’t the correct thing to say. Especially when they take that to heart. Oopse. I went to church this Sunday for that one. When normal shit hits the fan it hits and tiny shards rain down. Lately, when MY shit hits the fax, its wet shit and COVERS THE ROOM!
I’m knee deep at the moment and could really use a paddle. Ladder? Anyone?...Bueller?
Positive thinking is my thing. Got a whole lotta thinking going on. Thinkin away. Think some my way, if you get the chance. :0)
How do you all handle stressful situations?



  1. I stress out. Seriously. I stress like no one has stressed before. And it disgusts me.

    I'll be waiting all day for you to tell us how the mammogram goes.

  2. Thanks Mama, I will update as soon as I get back to work and know something. xoxo thanks for the support! xoxo

  3. I stress out really easily. Unfortunately, I usually internalize and sometimes end up biting people's heads off. When I actually decide to try to be healthy about it, I end up writing. But on the whole, I tend to spend way too much money at the bookstore and shirk my responsibilities and read, read, read. Then I resurface after a couple of days and try to figure out what I can do to be proactive about it.
    I'll be waiting to hear how it goes tomorrow. I love you!!!! Let me know if you need anything. I'm always here.

  4. Thank you too lady!! Love you!