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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ode to PJ Pants...

I have an unnatural love for PJ pants. I get home from work and whalah...feet first dive into them. Bad day...pajama pants. Good day...pajama pants. Sick...pajama pants. I'm sure you're catching my drift. I LOVE ME SOME PAJAMA PANTS. One day I will work at a Company that lets you wear PJ's to work. I have even repeatedly dressed in PJ pants on Halloween just for the sake of wearing them to a bar or some of my favorite places. I've been "sick", I've been "tired", I have even thrown my hair into piggy tails, plopped a Binky in my mouth and gone as a "baby"!
So, I have compiled a list of my favorite PJ pants and the places/links to get them. Each one is special in a different way, and I love them all as I would if I had a bagazillion children:)
These are SO soft, and yes i spent 42.00 on PJ's. You spend most of your life sleeping...thousands on mattresses, why not 42.00 for the ultimate comfort WHILE in your uber expensive sleep number bed? I like the crop PJ pant because the long ones always end up where these end anyways, not to mention they are great for Summer! or running out for ice cream :)
Bermuda fishies!! Nothing screams "YAY PJ's" more than these! I love the ocean and these fishies make me happy as I pull them on. Not to mention they are 10.00!! Amen, Old Navy. These are light and airy. Feels like you have the bare minimum on!
And last but not least...I could not resist these. You cant wear them out, but MAN these slub shorts from VS are awesome to lounge in bed on a lazy Saturday. SO SO soft. 16.00 Victoria Secret.
All this talk of PJ's is making me sleepy.
Happy comfy slumbering!!


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  1. I'm pretty sure I have more pajama pants than I do regular pants...