The Ravonettes

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When you just want to take off your bra and blast your nips...

I have a lump in my upper mountain region. I'm going to call them the Kindle-ayas. I found it yesterday as I was um…rearranging the girls and pain shot straight through my nipple and attacked everyone within a 5 mile radius. Those people must have been cleaned up since leaving work, as they were not there this morning. Thank God. Could you imagine the law suit I would be facing?
So I got in the shower when I got home and gave myself the “self exam.” There it was. Not hard but kind of squishy and moved with my fingers, but definitely a lump. I had the Hubs feel me up to double check. He confirmed my fears and tried to convince me to go to the Emergency Room. I have an appointment for a physical next Tuesday so I am going to wait until then.
In the mean time I named it ‘Lumpy’. Lumpy says Hi, by the way. We chilled today. Went to Sushi for lunch and just hung around. Lumps is really sensitive and not very understanding of my feelings at all. Which is why I decided that Lumpy is a Man. Only a man could hurt like a bitch and bring so much worry to someone.
Yes, I am trying to make light of the situation, but the bottom line is…I'm freaked. Breast Cancer has run rampant in my family for a long time, as well as cysts and crap like that. I will feel much better after I know what it is. But, if it is Cancer…I’m going to be pissed.
Figured I would feel much better if I wrote about it, and isn’t that what a blog is for? So, I am writing and yes…yes it feels good to let it all out.
In the mean time, if you are within a five mile radius of my Kindle-ayas…run. The nips are on the war path and you could be caught in the spitting pain being shot from them. Just a warning.



  1. I hope hope HOPE it isn't cancer. I cannot take another person I love having cancer... :( Keep us posted,lovey! I miss your face!

    p.s. - lovin' the blog!!


  2. Oh. My. Gods.

    Why don't I have your phone number anymore?

  3. Oh, honey. I'll be praying for you on Tuesday. On the upside, the way you're dealing with it is not only admirable, but HILARIOUS!!! I agree with you that Lumpy must be a man. They're always putting their lumps in the wrong places. :) Call me if you need ANYTHING. Miss you lots. Hopefully we can get around to getting together soon. Love you!!!