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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Octo-"Mom" pisses me off...

I have put off writing about this topic for a while now. Not sure how to talk about the subject without popping a blood vessel in my forehead. But, time has passed a little bit and the hype quieted so, here I go.

First off…here are the things I will say that are in her favor (or rather not against her)…I am not in her situation or her life to be able to properly judge her so the things I am saying about it are based on what we are fed thru the media and other avenues of information being “leaked” or told by her in her own testimonies. That said and put aside. I hate the woman. I hate everything that she has stated that she stands for. Loathe that doctors and the medical community that are even *thinking* about penalizing woman with REAL fertility issues. To think that these woman might have to jump thru hoops to have just one child, and here is this thing who has 14 of them! ( no, I will not call her a woman) I can not even put myself in her way of thinking. But of course I will state what I THINK she was thinking…
Hmm…I live with my mother. I have six kids because I do not want to go out and find out if I can have children the ‘old fashioned’ way and there are no “men” in my life, so lets just go and get a sperm donor and inseminate myself to take away the loneliness of not having a man.“
Yes, I know that the same man fathered all the same children. POOR MAN! I hope to god he is hidden from all of this chaos, and if anything about him has surfaced. I got off of the octo-mom train awhile ago so there may be “new” facts to the story. But, I can’t deal. I had to stop watching the train wreck because I was afraid of what it was doing to my frail sanity.

Ok ok, the real reason why it infuriates me? Because the hubs and I have been trying to get preggo for a couple years now and no go. Did tests and what not…in short, I have a slim chance to have my own babies. Yes, I am well aware of the growing numbers of children every day who need good homes and that I could adopt. And, I am completely open to that idea! Looking forward to it actually. But, when you hear the words form out of a doctor’s mouth that the percentage of you having children is less than California becoming the next Antarctica…it does something to your insides. After the numbness and shock, there comes the desolation. Too strong of a word? Nope…don’t think so. It is like someone took the “O” out of woman when referring to me. Just not the same. Not whole. You just do not feel whole.

The single most basic reason Woman was created, and I can’t do it. Sure…you can try to have the octo-mom treatment but that turns out to be 25-30k down the tubes if it does not work. And, there is big fat chance that it might not. Chance. I hate that word. So, for someone to come out of the wood works and become famous, although not a “good” famous because she has so many babies she could lose one and not immediately notice, drives me batty. It is irresponsible and insensitive. It’s just her. Promise. I absolutely love John and Kate plus 8. That show cracks me up and I love the way they take care of their family.

Poor kids. That’s what I have to say in closing…poor precious babies.


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  1. I'm right there with you....the woman is CRAZY!