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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I want I want I want!!

I could very well become a very materialistic person. I don't waaaannnttt to be persay, but maaan! Wouldn't it be nice to have all the THINGS that are cool and swanky and make you go, oooooohhh ahhhhhhh? I think so.(Did I just say swanky?) And, I wouldn't use them for evil. Pinky swear! I want this camera so I can start a really learning about photography and such...

And, you have to have good photo editing software and this would have to come with it... maker...iPhoto *sigh* Yes, a computer and a camera made me sigh.
Wanting these two things does not make me realistic, right? I truly beleive that if I had these things I could make some money off of them. Set some poetry to music...edit some artsy shots. Take pictures of kids in their natural environment and sell them to their parents as "school pictures" minus the stiff backround and the comb over!
Of course I would love to have a new car and a house and stuff, but I'll just start with these two :) Not OVERYLY materialistic if you ask me! Only about 5 grand worth of stuff. Stuff I can't take with me when I am dead. Can you smell the newness of it all? I am getting giddy just dreaming about it!


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  1. No dear. What would make you materialistic would be if you cherished these things over all else in life. Just wanting something doesn't make you materialistic.