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Monday, March 30, 2009

The attack of the Booger Monster

Went to San Diego to hang with the Best Friend and Nephew this past weekend. Packed my bag after work on Friday, plugged the pod into the speakers and off I ventured. Second weekend in a row with NO TRAFFIC! Wahooo!!! If you live in LA/Orange County, CA you know what I mean by the celebration. Although I do often enjoy a good bout of traffic every once in awhile, because how else can you play the, "who picks their nose game?" C'mon people! It is a CAR with WINDOWS. Just because you FEEEEEL like you are in your own personal space does not mean that no one can see in. One question though, most people who are totally going to town on the booger hunt do not look like they have any tissue, otherwise they would use that, correct? And, they do not have their windows down...hense no flickability. So...Where do the boogers go? hmm. Im going to leave that to the ponder box. Im just sayin'!

Anyways~ Back to weekend. Was an a fun filled, hysterical weekend. Took the Nephew all day Saturday while BFF went to pick up her Man's kiddo. We went to my Cousin's little league game, which i figured, short attention span 3 year old and a little league game mixed would last about 20 minutes max. BOYYYY was I wrong. This kid sat there the WHOLE game and two more after that. LOVED the baseball. Mass destruction to the snack shack included:

3 hot dogs
1 bag of Cheeto Puffs

1 plate of Nachos

4 bottles of Water

2 Slushies

and a black toilet that he refused to pee in because, "It's scary."

I never thought the day would come when an alimunum toilet was scary. But, oh! how the three year old showed me the way. Which ended our day at the park as we raced to my Aunt's house down the way while he confidently told me, " Im holding my pee Auntie Kindle, I am, I really am." Here are a few pics from the park:

Had to play like the "kids". He is a slugger too! Keeps his eye on the ball and WHAM, that sucker flies!

And if you do not hit it like you are supposed to...

Golf it like it is nobody's Bidnezz...

And last but definately not least...who can resist a Cheeto smile such as this?

Encore you say? Well...I did not see any random people picking their nose. But, the Nephew never dissapoints!

Night All!


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