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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ode to a Best Friend...

My Best friend is moving tomorrow. I promised to not pout too much outwardly tonight when I helped her take care of the munchkin and pack.. It is not like she is moving to Costa Rica or anything but she will no longer be a 15 minute drive down the freeway anymore either. I joke with her and tell her she is moving to Northern Mexico as you can see the border from her new apartment complex. She laughs. She always laughs at me. In fact, she makes me feel like I am the funniest person in the world.
She’s been my best friend for 18 years. I don’t have anything in my life that I have had longer than her. Well, besides my family. But, I can’t help that! I know our friendship is not going anywhere, but the easy access is a nice thing to have (that’s what he said).
We smoked out first cigarette together when we were 11. Don’t worry, it did not take! Mom was sleeping on the couch sawing logs and we were making pixie sticks. Most likely one of my hair brain ideas, I had so many while we were growing up. We looked in the freezer to see what else we could put into the straws to make the pixie sticks even more delish when low and behold…smokes! Yes, yes it was my idea to try them…see what she had to put up with all of these years? Two hair brained ideas in one night! You can imagine what it was like to be her while being my best friend. We snuck outside and lit it up. I don’t even think we inhaled and I am pretty sure we did not think we were cool at all, but it was experience none the less. One we would put away until we were at least 15. Then it was HER idea to try them again. Unfortunately…that time did stick. And, we’ve been adventure seeking smokers since.
We had an addiction to the wiji board on Friday nights. Nothing ever happened of course, but we always tried. And, of course I would be the one to make it move and pretend it was some dead relative because I could keep my face straight as I swore, “I'M NOT MOVING IT, PINKY PROMISE!” Clearly I broke a lot of pinky promises. But the important ones I would always keep.
She was the first person I called after losing my virginity. I remember telling her and then having my Step Dad drop me off at her house to spend the night to tell her the gory details. When our parents would fight or we would fight with our parents we always would “run away” to one another’s houses. Our imaginations led us from concerts as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston when we were in elementary school to our first dates with guys we had crushes on. We told one another everything and nothing we could ever do would ever make us judge one another. Our friendship was and is to this day a place where no judgment exists…where we know one another’s deepest secrets and trust is just second nature.
When she gave birth to my nephew she became not only one of the biggest lights in my life, she created another glowing light.

She stood by me as I got married to the Hubs and offered to be the escape car if I had any second thoughts. We both have experienced our lives together. She is my sister of the heart and soul. Best Friend to the end…
Tomorrow she starts her life. The life I always knew she deserved, with the only man I ever thought deserved her. I’m getting teary eyed writing this, so I’m going to stop. Love you Candy…

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