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Friday, March 27, 2009

Focus on the Red White and Blue...

I was listening to
this morning on the radio and this man was talking about Obama. I guess he is some dude who is petitioning for the release for the President’s Birth Certificate. He was really fired up about not seeing said Birth Certificate and not having any authenticity of Obama being a full on United States citizen. Here is the link that you can go to, to check out this whack job’s stats.

Apparently there are some 300,000 signatures that have joined the band wagon of needing proof that Obama is legal and not an immigrant.
What irks me is, he is already the President of United States. OBVIOUSLY his records have already been checked out, otherwise he would not even been able to run, correct? Why do Politicians feel the need to exploit one another? And, not exploit on a factual basis…but on speculation and gossip stories.

I in no way follow the battiness of Politics. I’m a go with the flow, if the person that I vote for does not get elected, then you support who does. No matter who IS President. They ARE our leader. I believe that they are doing what they can to make this Country run better. Everyone has different ideas and thoughts on what will make it better, but the bottom line is there is one common goal to make our Country a better place. Lets focus on THAT and not try to take down what is already in place. It is a waste of energy, time and brain cells if you ask me. I think there are bigger fish to fry right now, with the way our Economy is. Take all of that hate and that hostility and apply it to conquering REAL problems.

Stop the madness. Seriously.


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