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Monday, March 30, 2009

New Music Mondays...

I lagged last week. Oopse! So I deem today and every Monday, "NEW MUSIC MONDAY!" Rock out. Get down. Dance nekkid in the rain while blaring these from your computer speakers from out the window. Try it, you MAY just get addicted. :0)

Im kickin it up a notch this week. Shinedown blared in my ears this weekend to and from San Diego as I visited the Best Friend and Nephew. Had an awesome time. Will post pics and some funny convo's tonight when I get home from le'work. But, they are an awesome band. Been around for forever but totally do not get the proper YAHOO from local radio stations here in CA.

So, enjoy and have a fantabulous Monday (is there such a thing?)


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  1. 'I Dare You' and '45' are two of my all time favorite songs. I <3 Shinedown!!!!