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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Quick Rant...

Im annoyed. My name is Kindle and I am annoyed. I get a random text from the Hubs this morning that says, "are you mad at me?" I racked my brain to see if I had done or said anything last night or this morning to indicate said madness. But, couldn't think of anything. I replied back, "Nope." I didn't drink last night, so there were no black out periods in my sometimes shot filled head. All was good.
Normal day at work. On my way home, traffic. BAD traffic. What is WITH people who drive in Orange County? It used to be that their cell phones were glued to their heads, but THATS ILLEGAL NOW! Shouldn't that CLEAR some of the idiot-ness? Guess not.
Get home and there sitting at the counter with a steak bone in his mouth is the Hubs. Hi there unemployed sweetie...thanks for waiting for me to get home before you started eating. humph At least he asked how my day was?
I have yet to say two words since I got home. I think I am even annoyed to hear my own voice. No idea where this came from. Hope it goes away soon. But, for now I am going to eat some ice cream with that delish magic chocolate covering that gets hard as soon as it gets cold and watch ANTM.

ps...Tyra Banks is the bane of my existence, but I am a sucker for a good Reality TV trainwreck that I can not just say no to Tyra.



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  1. Meh. Sometimes I get in moods like that. You'll fall out of it. *hugs*