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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rachel Ray Furi Knives...

There is something to be said about a lazy Saturday. I am so CALM today. I woke up and went straight for the kitchen. Got started on making a beef and vegetable stew. Adding everything to the crock pot and setting it on high for four hours. I am sitting here on the couch as the smells waft through the house. My only regret was not waiting a half an hour to start chopping and making the stew, because my new knives got here today!!! I adore Check out these knives:

I got this set from my Grandma for Christmas/Birthday as a gift. They are 60.00 dollars at Costco and it comes with the sharpener as a set. They make cutting anything like cutting a stick of butter. I loved them so much that I could not refrain from getting the complete set.

The grips on the knives fit perfectly in your hand. I find myself using the techniques that Top Chefs use. It is so easy to do! These are the best knives in the world. The set was not the one above, as I already had the set of two. So I got the utility set, with the scissors and bread knives and a couple pairing and boning knives. 50.00 on A 110.00 dollars for an awesome set of knives and a sharpener that I do not know what I have done without all of this time!
If you like to cook and are suffering with the frustration of a blade dulling after you have cut one potatoe, this is the best investment you could make! Im not too big of a fan of Rachel Ray, but her products definately do not dissapoint.
Now I am off to the store to get a kit for sourdough bread. Time to break open the bread maker Hubs and I got for our wedding. Because, what stew would be complete without fresh homeade sourdough bread?!

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