The Ravonettes

Friday, March 13, 2009

Im addicted...

Today was my fourth consecutive time this week having frozen yogurt. I think the additive to the commonly nick named “Froyo” is crack. I could feel the judgment searing me from the lady who has rung me up all four times this week. Take a chill pill lady…I’m helping to pay your rent. AND giving Jenny Craig a reason to stay open. STIMULATING the economy, while stimulating my cellulite. Frozen yogurt is better for you than straight ice cream, right? At least this is what I keep telling myself as I spoon this crack into my gaping hole.
I can’t stop. It is the best thing in the world. SELF serve frozen yogurt with miles of flavors to choose from, then once you have chosen as many as you want there are millllleeess of toppings to add to it. coco pebbles…fresh fruit…I mean, how can you go wrong? Luckily I can not see my own ass as I walk.
THAT would be disturbing. So Ignorant bliss I choose! FROYO for president!



  1. My mama says I can't eat yogurt 'cause I'm allergic. I haven't had yogurt in a long time.

  2. you should try it. get an eppie (sp?) pen and go hog wild. you are truly missing out sis!