The Ravonettes

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I woke up this morning and all I am able to do is quote, "Ground Hog Day" know what? " I got you babe." This day is the exact replica of yesterday, and I KNOW I am headed down the path of insanity since the definition of Insanity so many words of course...doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different end result. Admit it, you are insane too.

I picked up that cool little pic above here from a couple of the blogs I read. Seemed like a great idea to randomly post shit on a Tuesday...because nothing GOOD ever happens on a Tuesday (Thanks Ang!), so why the hell not be random?

I am eating soup while I type this. It sucks. C'mon skinny...

NO I am not dieting. The Hubs STILL isnt working so our food intake is pitiful. Im kidding. We eat fine. I am just lazy and do not want to go to the store or shove another damn hamburger into my hole.

It is national hamburger month. Go on, plug one know you want to!

I am counting down the days till I am sitting in the lounge chair on Friday in sunny Palm Springs. Thank you to the Tennis Club for 19 years of letting me lay down on said lounge chairs. We go every Memorial Day weekend. It doesn't suck. The recently installed misters above the lounge chairs, so I am TOTALLY looking forward to THAT! Hell...maybe I will be so relaxed I will actually put the 4 years of Memorial Weekend tennis lessons to use and play a game or two.

It is amazing how that last paragraph makes me sound like a Yuppy. SO NOT A YUPPY! No offense to any Yuppies out there reading this. Who am I kidding? I have three followers? HA!

*If I happen to have more than 3 people who read this...please leave a comment and maybe I will put some effort into being amusing :) baaahhh prolly not! But, I would love to check out your blogs if I already do not and say hello!

Have a great day!



  1. Ew. I remember the days of not having good foods & thinking "if I eat one more hamburger..."

    Enjoy your Mem Day weekend :)

  2. National hamburger MONTH? For real?

  3. I work on computers. Insanity is the job description.

  4. You're always amusing, at least in some small way. :D I don't follow you on Blogger 'cause Blogger sucks (see my blog about why I hate Blogger) but I DO follow you in my Google Reader. That way every time you post a new blog it gets sent to my iGoogle home page. :D

    I'm smrt!

    Have fun in FL, sis! Relax and take in the SUN!