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Monday, May 4, 2009

New Camera Extravaganza!

I did it. I got the camera I have been dreaming about. After much back and forth between the Cannon Rebel and Nikon D40, I went for the Nikon D60!! I absoulely LOVE it. I don't know what I have been doing all of these years with a point and shoot. Check out some of the photos I took this weekend...

Of course, I have to start with the Nephew :)

The crispness is awesome. No editing was done on this at all. After a trip to McDonald's and the play place, we all piled in the car back to San Diego. We had to stop on the way to play at the beach of course!

BFF takin in the waves. Again...NOT EDITED! This is in Carlsbad
The foam touching the rocks. I made this black and white ON the camera. The contrast is amazing.
The Kid's work of art. Had to document!

A little blurring of the edges was all that was applied to this one. Blurred it on the iPhoto program.

One last look and back in the car we go. Bye Bye Solana Beach!
After playing with the kids a bit, I wanted to catch the Sunset while driving on the 5 North. It really is an awesome drive. So I got in the car and waited for the perfect place...Cardiff by the Sea. If you have never been there, make sure you make it a point to sometime in your life. It is like heaven has been nestled into the hills and ocean. The town is so quant and amazing. You can see people in the waves all the time and the little stores and cafe's becon you to come in and watch the Sun extinguish itself in the blue beyond. I pulled off with a bunch of other cars and sat on my hood to watch. And, of course...took some photos to share :)

Lifegaurd tower closer to the water...I needed a higher perpective though, so I drove up the hill a bit to feast my eyes on this:

The tracks go thru the whole town. Makes for a pretty picture!
Up on the hill. I have yet to get a zoom lens, but those little specs out in the water are surfers. I antiqued this one a little bit in iPhoto. I thought it looked cool!
and now the show begins...
I faded the color on this...pretty cool how you can take the color out a bit and it still looks warm and inviting.


What a perfect end to a perfect day...

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