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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rambling Randomness...

What am amazing weekend! It is weekends like these that I am reminded of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful Family!
Spent time at the pool most of the weekend with my Aunt and then had a Birthday party to go to for my cousin. At this very moment I am sitting at my Grandmother's computer, blasting music and editing pics...Gram isn't home so SCORE the music blasting and much needed alone time.

Speaking of alone time, lately I keep wondering if it is an issue that I love my alone time. Ok, I am NOT talking about the once in awhile time that is MUCH needed from time to time, I mean i FULLY enjoy being by myself. The MAJORITY of the time. As in, if I do not get it at least once a day, I turn into full blown bitch mode. Perhaps I should not have gotten married? Since he has yet to grasp the whole concept. Naw, I am happy being married. He just needs to get it! ha. Great...I am answering myself. Helllloooo Insanity!

I have an interview tomorrow. In Ontario...aka the 909 and I am not so hip on going, but Im waring with my desire to go to school full time and my desire for the Hubs and I to have our own place. I keep going over it again and again. I am pretty sure that with this much self reflection I should be considered a Narsasist. It really has to stop. I will most likely do both, nothing like burning the candle at both ends, right? RIGHT! Not to mention...if you are not married, let me just tell you that the amount of shit you recieve is astounding and when you do not get to play with those things in almost a starts to make you feel like sitting in a corner and pick at imaginary sores.

16 minutes and 4...3...2...1 seconds till my photos are done uploading. Must head out and ready my stuff for the interview tomorrow. Just because my heart is not fully into it, does not mean I get to not sell the shit out of myself!



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  1. GO sell the shit outta yourself! YOU CAN DO IT!